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  • New improved Glutamed ORO Formula

    Glutamed ORO now contains added Ca beta- Hydroxy-beta-Methylbutyrate (HMB). Glutamine and honey are endorsed by the 2020 MASCC guidelines for their topical and systemic effects in the prevention and treatment of oral mucositis.

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  • COVID-19: Nutritional Support

    ‘Consensus opinion from clinical trials: Nutritional therapy using adequate protein and amino acid supplements like L-glutamine are indicated in treating COVID-19 patients’

  • New Study – Oral Glutamine in COVID-19

    New study using oral Glutamine in Covid-19 study concludes “Nutritional supplements such as L-Glutamine boost the immune system by inhibition of inflammatory responses. Our results suggest that the use of L-Glutamine in Covid-19 cases can shorten the length of hospital stay and reduce the need for the ICU”.

  • New Glutamed ZS Formulation

    Glutamed ZS now contains COPPER to avoid any chances of a deficiency which can be caused by high doses of Zinc.

  • Red meat contains highest content of zinc in terms of dietary interventions

    Adequate Zinc status increases immune reactivity – infants and the elderly are at particular risk of deficiency. A new article looks at the possible benefits of supplementation in Covid-19 patients.

  • Website Launch Winner

    We are pleased to announce our website launch winner: Deborah Jacobson.

    Deborah Jacobson specialises in Paediatrics and currently works in the Garden City  and Bedford Gardens Paediatric ICU’s in Johannesburg.  She also has a private practice, specialising in nutrition in cerebral palsy children.

    Thank you so much for your constructive input and support Deborah!

  • Interesting data from China, could selenium status (deficiency) play a role in Covid-19 outcome?

    Potentially relevant to the recent appearance of COVID-19 in China is the fact that there is a belt of selenium deficiency running from northeast to southwest in the country and, indeed, China has populations that have both the lowest and the highest selenium status in the world