Key Product Information

Glutamed ZS sachets provide a high dose of L- glutamine (10g per sachet), in addition to the trace elements, zinc and selenium. They are available in a great tasting citrus (naartjie) flavour. Single serving sachets are designed to be added to room temperature liquids, soft foods or as a supplement to enteral nutrition or tube feeds. Glutamed ZS can be mixed with as little as 60ml of water.

Product Features & Benefits

10g protein, together with added trace elements in each 15g sachet

High dose of L-glutamine (10 g) per sachet, in addition to daily nutrient reference value requirements of zinc and selenium and copper.

Small mixing volume facilitates use orally and administration to tube fed patients

Provides a physiologically ideal way of supplementing glutamine. Can be mixed with as little as 60ml of water prior to administering orally or via an enteral feeding tube.

Citrus (naartjie) flavour to aid compliance and tolerance

The great new flavour aids patient compliance and the tolerance of orally administered sachets. It is very subtle and still allows for the addition to liquids, soft foods and enteral feeds.

Suitable for use orally or can be administered to tube fed patients

Can be easily mixed with as little as 60ml of water prior to administering orally or via an enteral feeding tube. 

Free form amino acid L-glutamine powder

Immediately bioavailable, to aid mucosal and gut absorption.

Single use sachets

Easy for patients to use and for health professionals to administer. Free from fat, gluten, lactose and preservatives.

Administration, Dosage & Directions for use

Glutamed ZS sachets should be administered by a dietitian or clinician at the recommended dosage, which is dependent on body weight and the medical condition of the patient.


Glutamed ZS  sachets are indicated for the dietary management of any condition in which a deficiency in L-glutamine occurs.

Precautions & Contra-indications

Must only be used under medical supervision. For oral and enteral use only. Not for parenteral use. Not suitable as a sole source of nutrition. Do not use in any end stage disease where protein intake is restricted. 

Shelf Life & Storage

Glutamed ZS sachets have a shelf-life of 24 months from date of manufacture. Store unopened, in a cool dry place (not exceeding 25oC). Once mixed, ideally consume immediately. Store out of reach of children.

Pack Size

Glutamed ZS sachets are available in patient-ready packs of 10 x 15g sachets.

Benefits of Glutamed ZS