Product Composition

Glutamed ORO sachets provide a high dose of L-glutamine (10g per sachet). They also contain 4g of honey powder, ginger and key trace elements; zinc, selenium and copper. They have a subtle citrus flavour. Single serving sachets are especially formulated for administration using the swish & swallow technique intended to counter the side-effects of chemo/ radiation treatment.

Product composition per 15g sachet of Glutamed ORO
Nutritional Informationper 15g serving% NRV per 15g serving
Energy (kJ)250
Protein L-Glutamine (g)10
CHO (g)4.7
Ginger (mg)53
Zinc (mg)3.531.8%
Copper (mg)0.555%
Selenium (mcg)2033%
Beta Carotene (mg)0.015